Write Better YouTube Titles In 1 Hour

Stop wondering what works and what doesn’t for YouTube titles. 
See actual data from 103 YouTube title A/B tests

Stop wondering what works and what doesn’t for writing YouTube titles. 

See actual data from 103 YouTube title A/B tests

"I can’t believe this book is only $7. It’s saved me hours of research by giving me title templates that actually help you get more views."
- Nolan Molt, Think Media

What's Included?

  • Results of 103 real YouTube title A/B tests
  • ​My thought process on what I changed and an explanation of the results
  • My playbook for how to run A/B tests on your channel

Will This Work For My Niche?

The tests in this book span 15 different channels in 15 different niches.

I had no experience writing titles in most of these niches before this project, but all of them have humans as their audience, and all humans are pretty much the same.

The psychological strategies of what makes people click worked in all of them and will probably work for your niche, too.
We’ve all seen it…

The YouTube Guru talking about how to write better YouTube titles from a high-level, strategic point of view.

Good for them. But if you’re like me, that’s not very helpful. 

I want to see how all of this fluffy strategy actually works when you’re sitting in front of your computer, banging your head against the keyboard trying to actually write a title for your video.

Since there’s nobody out there teaching this stuff, I did it myself.

I posted on Twitter and asked for some volunteers.

My plan was to pick a few channels, run A/B tests on their titles, and then put all of the results in a book to share publicly.

To my surprise, things actually worked out exactly as planned!

Well, almost.

I ran 103 YouTube title A/B tests across 15 different channels in 15 different niches.

Some of the tests went as expected — my nicely-worded title outperformed the original and I felt like the smartest YouTube title nerd in the world.

But some of my new titles did not do as well as I’d hoped.

Some even performed worse than the original title.

Although I’d love to sit here and pretend that didn’t happen, the goal of this project is absolute transparency and a peek into real numbers from real A/B tests.

In this book, you’ll see what led to a better title, what led to a worse title, and my thought process behind each one of these 103 A/B tests.

After seeing the results of these tests, you'll know what makes a good YouTube title and how to improve your own titles.
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